Friday, January 16, 2015

Epic Baby Boomer Myopia! ... or Tone Deafness... or Narcissism... or hashtag FAIL

This should be in a Tom Wolfe novel, it is so:
1) stereotypical
2) obviously stupid and vapid and vacuous and self referential
3) beyond satire but true, both factually and poetically
The Boomer Political Establishment was so busy trying to square the circle of being pro free speech, (after decades in power enacting hate crime laws and speech codes on college campuses), pro free expression, (after liberating Larry Flint and liberating sexuality in the 60s only to get jobs creating touching rules and intimacy regulations once they became Deans, sorry Millenials, No Free Love For You!… etcetera, etcetera, etcetera as the King of Siam once said ); so busy squaring an ideology of “let’s invade the world, and at the same time invite the world here!” with “Tolerance!”
“Look, Diversity is Strength(TM)! Once Third World folks from Iron Age cultures come here and begin to shop at Malls and watch Lena Dunham, they won’t cling to centuries of religious beliefs, they won’t cling to a tribal retribution culture when their religion is blasphemed. They will be full of drole irony and sarcasm towards the sacred. Their Sacred, sorry. There is no Sacred, as there is no God, only your God, and your Sacred. It took the Irish four generations in America to come around, surely the Algerians can be culturally lobotomized in three!"
Sorry, I was laughing to myself as I realized all those Boomer taught literature and history courses, and HR training sessions, about the Power Structure Manifestations via construction of “The Other”… and they, in such a Freudian fashion, have constructed such an “Otherness” for everyone else with the simple word “your”.
Your Truth
Your Opinion
Your God
Your Emotional Reality... (are all so adorable but I have Tenure and I hold the Megaphone)
Anyway, the Boomer Rulers forgot to send anyone of appropriate hegemonic authority to the “Holy Crap The People We Invited in to Disrupt and Displace the Native Population Killed the Cartoonists that Mocked the Native Traditions as Well as the Traditions of the Newcomers, But the Native French Catholics Never Fight Back Like This –oh Merde I really Hope the Vendee is at Mass and did not see the Holy Trinity Cover of Charlie Hebdo” rally in Paris.

And there was some sniping among the Boomer Opinion Class about this oversight and some Boomer said, “I know! I have the answer! They may hate us and our policies but they love our culture. Send over James Taylor! Because it’s still NineteenSixtywhateverthefuck!” 

I imagine that she or he also thought, “We should send Coke and Levis too! Because when I was on my Rhodes Scholarship four decades ago, they loved that stuff.”

James Taylor and an acoustic guitar. Unfuckingbelievable. You are a generation of children who now have nukes...

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