Friday, January 4, 2008

So Frustrating

The pace with which our elders drive our culture off of a cliff is so frustrating we just couldn't blog for a while. We had a Google news update set for "Baby Boomers" and the daily influx of trite BS mixed with apocalyptic impending bankruptcy was... frustrating.

But here's a good quote from a website comments section, bitter enough for us:

The Baby Boomers are now reaching retirement age, and they’ll be up in arms demanding their Solid Gold Goodies: Medicare, SocSec and unlimited free time to enjoy their ill-gotten gains. Given the Human propensity to seek out “something for nothing” and the self-centered narcissism so characteristic of the 1940-1960 generation, I find it extremely difficult to believe that Imperial central-government spending will not skyrocket out of control between now and the date the last Boomer goes to the fires of Hell. At the very least, working Americans will be facing European-level taxes to pay for all these freebies... This means that the Solid Gold Goodies will disappear by about 2025. GenXers, take note.

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