Monday, January 14, 2008

Boomers Not So Bad?

Bastiat said that democracy was the idea that everyone could live at the expense of everyone else. It took our GIs, who "Triumphed over Evil", to create the Programs where they could live at the expense of those not even born yet.
We can understand the various constituency lobbyists fighting each other over the federal largess, but Gen X and the Millenials weren't alive to hire a lobby to fight against the mortgaging of the future.

Notes from a Kucinich rally:
Listening to people talking, and what they were talking about, was predictable. An old lady behind me proudly and loudly voiced, "Oh, and who would vote for that Ron Paul. I mean his foreign policy is okay, but on domestic issues (what can you give us?) he is just awful. He's for nothing, no programs." The rest of the chatter was the usual: free prescriptions, free glasses, no medicare co-pays. The old people never cheered for Kucinich's education promises, which included free daycare prior to the age of 5, a new Head Start program launch, and free college. The old people mostly sat quiet for that. But the younger Moms and Dads shouted and whooped. "Free" stuff!

Programs! Get Yer Programs Here!

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