Thursday, January 12, 2012

Generational War

Working on a longer piece about the Silent Generation's role in all of this -they are likely to be the only generation in US history without a President, being sandwiched between the huge egos of the GI's and the Boomers... but thought this was an interesting, blunt statement:
 Older voters, for obvious reasons, don't really care that the country's finances are unsustainable (they'll be dead by the time it matters). Older voters also have a big personal stake in things staying pretty much the same (they're now transitioning from paying for government to getting paid by government).
Younger voters, meanwhile, don't like the fact that the country they will soon inherit is charging headlong toward a cliff. They also don't like the super-high unemployment rate, record-high student-loan debt, and the fact that the American dream that their parents enjoyed seems to be evaporating.
In other words, what Ron Paul is now tapping into is a developing war between generations, one that will only get more intense in the coming decades.
Half of voters under 30 just just voted for Ron Paul. Half.
The Washington establishment (and America) dismisses that at their peril.

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