Tuesday, July 10, 2007


There is a new movie coming out called Hairspray. A remake of an older version about young Baby-boomers and the transformative powers of partying to Rock and Roll to "change the world." It is advertised with a review which states, "Hairspray is this generation's Grease!"
Let me get this straight: a remake of Boomer movie about Boomer youth is called the Grease -another Boomer movie about Boomer youth- for this generation?
What a great example of stagnation and stasis in culture, stuck forever like a CD skipping, on the Boomers and their developmental fixations.


X-er said...

It continues without end. I took my daughter to see Ratatoui (sp?) and there was preview for Underdog. A live action version. I couldn't believe it.

When are we going to run out of old shows to remake? What will they do then, remake the remakes?

Magister Ludi said...

They're remaking the remakes already! Leave It To Beaver... has such a great double entendre for Boomer presidencies...